Hello! I am Ikra and welcome to Ikraloveni.co!

Ikraloveni.co is a personal blog of Ikra Loveni. Ikra is a full-time airliner and half-time blogger based in Jakarta, Indonesia. She travels in between.

Ikra enjoys working, specifically in airline industry. After she graduated from International Relations study in 2013, she joined the leading airline company in Indonesia. Since then she enjoys the life of a young worker lady. She learned a lot of inspiring and funny experience to be shared. Especially for ladies who just started the “tiring” working days. Don’t worry ladies it’s just the beginning, and I know you’re a survivor!

In terms of blogging, Ikra started to write a blog in 2012. She always has the passion for telling stories, especially in writing it down. The first blog of Ikra mostly contains about a young girl’s personal life. She wrote down anything that came to her mind when she felt the urgency of writing it down, randomly and nothing really serious. Since she started working in the middle of 2013, she found difficulties to find her own me-blogging-time, thus she was vacant from blogging for several periods of time.

But in early 2016, when she had learned to manage her time little by little, she started to write a blog again with a different kind of concept. This blog that you are now looking at is a compilation story about her exciting life that features her work, hobby, health, and personal thoughts.

Should you have any more interesting stories, please do share with us and we would love to hear about that.

Meanwhile, enjoy your time exploring this blog. Leave comments if you get curious about something on one of the posts, and answers will be elaborated to you. If by any chance you like the posts, please do kindly share them. Because sharing is caring! 🙂

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