How to Get What You Want in a Negotiation

5 Tricks to get what you want in a negotiation.

Negotiation has become a part of our daily lives. We negotiate almost all the time. We negotiate with our friends, our boyfriend or girlfriend, our parents or our children, our partner or boss and many more. Though we do it all the time, yet sometimes we still fail miserably in getting what we want out of the negotiation. Below you can find 5 tricks that can help you to get what you want in a negotiation. Check them out!

  • Never come to a negotiation without sufficient resource and preparation

Comprehensive Preparation is the ultimate weapon in negotiation. Without it do not even dream to get your interest fulfilled by the opponent. Before a negotiation, we need to prepare all of the things related. The substance, the people, and even the setup also play a very important role. Other than that, we also need to prepare the mitigation plan for whatever kind of outcome the negotiation may bring. This way we can act accordingly shall we come to the worst agreement.

  • It is very crucial to acknowledge opponent’s interest in negotiation

One of the most crucial tactics in negotiation is understanding the opponent’s interest on the table. What most of the people usually do in a negotiation is addressing what they want from the opponent, without addressing opponent’s interest in that negotiation. If we think of it now, it sounds like we’re forcing what we want without acknowledging opponent’s interest. Although our opponent may actually gain benefit too from our interest. By collaborating our intention and their interest out of our proposal, I believe a  mutual understanding and a win-win result will probably come easier.

  • Control your emotion

Most of the times, our emotion or even anger will naturally flow out when we come to a deadlock discussion in the middle of a heating up negotiation. Even though anger can sometimes be our tool to get the attention of our opponents to fulfill our wants, yet we really need to have control over our emotion. We can’t let it defeat and surround us, otherwise, we can’t think straight and the opponent can gain advantage out of it. So it is very important to use emotion or anger to emphasize our intention, but never let that surround yourself completely in the negotiation.

  • If necessary, use warning as one of the most effective methods to win the negotiation

Many people will think that in a negotiation, a threat can be a very effective weapon to achieve what they want. In fact, instead of a threat, a fair warning is a more efficient method to push and get our interest fulfilled.

Th difference between the two is where a threat can be perceived as an offensive act by our opponent, it may lead them to back off and not looking for the best solutions together anymore. Meanwhile, by giving warning, we remind the opponent that for the sake of the long-term relationship, we together need to find the best solution for each party and win-win for everyone.

  • Reserve your BATNA and never reveal it to the opponent

Negotiation doesn’t always end up with what we planned. We need to have an alternative to our negotiated terms. Before coming to a negotiation, one of the preparation we must preserve is our BATNA (Best Alternative to Negotiated Agreements). As good as negotiator we are, there is always a possibility of deadlock negotiation. Thus it is very crucial to have an alternative.

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