How to Increase Productivity by Using Basecamp

Keep yourself to be constantly productive is quite challenging when you have too many projects on hand at the same time. Most of the times, projects are being trusted to us to be done in parallel, we don’t always have the luxury to finish one project at a time. Not only that, the challenges become more complex when it involves managing the projects with members of the department or even across countries. Yet however, as a professional, we are still required to finish each all of them perfectly and delivered within the agreed time.

Smart project managers would know how to utilize all the resources they have in order to help them maximize their valuable time and turn it into optimized productivity. One of their help comes from a smart and powerful personal productivity tools like Literally sounds like the name, this really cool app is a true base camp for professional business project doers.

In project managers can create a different topic project with different project members involved. The project managers would have the look of all the projects created in one big board containing all the “cards” relating each of the projects. The project managers would have all the access to all of the topic, and the interesting part is the members would not know what other projects that are being conducted at the same time. Members can only have access to the “cards” they are invited to.

Aside from a clear and friendly user interface that has, it also provides the capability to create to-do list check in each “cards” and to assign it to a certain project member. That way project managers can track all the work that is being handled by the subordinate. The other coolest thing about is it can also help the project members (even though they are not the subscriber) to create their own task list in the “cards” by using their creativity to finish the project sooner and still under the supervision of the project managers.

Furthermore, each of the to-do lists and tasks will have a tick box that can be ticked by either manager or member. If there are tasks that are somewhere in between the progress, a conversation can also be conducted regarding the related task. Once the issues are resolved in the conversation then the box can be ticked to move forward to the next assignment.

These reviews are just a small powerful functions that has. If you are project managers, there is no better app I have found thus far that can help me as optimum as what offers to increase my personal productivity in managing many projects at the same time. Go subscribe now and say no to disordered projects management!

Ikra Loveni

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