How to Increase Productivity When the Deadline is Just Around the Corner

“Shoot! The deadline is coming!” said myself every single time, and yourself too I believe. I am not saying that we are that kind of procrastinating people who delays work (yeah maybe sometimes we are). But when there are too many tasks to be finished, we tend to finish the easy task first which doesn’t have the urgency to be completed early. The more complicated the tasks, usually the less attraction it has to be accomplished. Normally, we would give them our compassion when the deadline is around the corner. Or, when the boss is already asking . Then there you go mad about it.

I believe a lot of people are dealing with the same circumstances in their office. Mostly when we face this kind of situation, we cannot put a great amount of focus anymore. We will have such kind of pressure and burden of doing it. Because deadline sometimes makes us nervous, not to mention many interruptions that come along the way. Therefore most of the times, the outcome will not be as perfect as you expected. So it is critical for us to increase our productivity within those sacred tight period. How to do it?

Let me share my tips that may have saved my life in the office:

  • Write down your priority list. Not just setting it, but literally writing it down because it’s crucial. If you only setting up your steps and planting it inside your brain without practically making a note of it, usually it will just be blown away. By writing down your priority list, you will have a clear vision to look up to and a firm measurement of how far you’ve gone.
  • Stop responding to your phone. Whether it’s SMS, Chats, notifications from Facebook or Instagram, simply ignore them when you have a really tight schedule. You will have plenty of time for that later, before bedSo stop messing around. Respond it only when you get a call from important person. Because based on my experience, information required via text (SMS, chats, or emails) are the type of information that doesn’t necessarily need a quick reply. If it’s urgent, they will simply call you or even pay a visit to your desk.

  • Try to say no to the sudden given task. This one is slightly dangerous. Most of the times, there are always some add on tasks that is being handed to us, a lot of them. Saying no is rather hard, because you don’t want to be that bad coworker who can’t be cooperate with in the office. Nevertheless, since you have set your priority and deadline, you must be brave to say no and reject it. But if you think that would be too rude and you still say yes to it, tell them that they should expect delay from your outcome since you have other priority to be focused on.

  • Get help. Or coffee. If you have too many tasks in hand and too little time to finish, I suggest you to consider getting the jobs done with help from your colleagues. Getting help doesn’t mean you are not capable of completing all the challenges you’re facing, but it’s just the universal sign that you are a normal human being. Don’t be ashamed to ask for one if you already are in the edge of deadline. But if you’re not yet, there is always coffee to be relied on. In coffee we trust. All of the time.

Finally, all of those mentioned suggestions above will only work if you have strong will and discipline within yourself. Without them, there will be too many unimportant distractions and you’ll end up late in submitting your duty. So, good luck with your deadlines! Please share with us if you have your own fun way to increase productivity during those very tight schedule!

Ikra Loveni

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