How to Earn Boss’ Trust

7 Tips to earn your boss’ trust in the office.

One of the vital signs proving that your boss trusts you is he will (let’s use the term “He” here since my boss is a guy) will often say this to you: “I’m only telling this to you, okay?” With that far-reaching and intense expression. If so, it is safe to say that you have his trust. “Am I right, boss?” Pretty sure he will read this, though. Might as well say Hi.

So, Boss, no I mean girls, as a junior in the office, of course, we have a lot of bosses. The manager, senior manager, the directors, the vice president and the executive’s board. Now, whether within or across the department, even though they’re not your direct superior, they have access to request you for some tasks with the permission from your direct leader.

You may have a lot of superiors in the office, but your immediate superior  (1 level above you) is the one that you have to earn the utmost trust from. Because he’s the one doing daily activities with you, he’s the one knowing your strengths and weaknesses. More importantly, he’s the one who has access to a lot more superiors above you. So, it’s essential for you to have his trust. *grinning*Well, so how do you make him trust you? Check out these following tricks!

  1. Learn about your boss’ personality. Whether he’s an extrovert or introvert, he’s a dominant or not. You need to observe about what kind of character he has to create an excellent communication. Because communication is the key to everything, and if you already have a vigorous and firm understanding with your boss, it will make everything easier.

  2. Finish assignment just as he wishes. If you know your boss well and understand his way of reacting to something, you soon will master what he really wants you to have something done. I’ll give you a simple example. My boss, he likes simple words in the paperwork, as efficient as it can. Before I was under his supervisor, I was a very highly elaborated girl with my words. I like writing so much; I am a storyteller that I love to tell stories in detail. But he doesn’t (unless it’s necessary to). So in my early days, whenever I submitted a report, presentation or draft email, he’d just erase 80% of them, sometimes he erased all of them, and damn it hurt. LOL  (oh he’s still doing it sometimes, though). Then he’d advised me on correcting it, with his style. This process took quite some times for me to learn it until I really get what he likes. And now it just feels oh very good when my writing goes without correction.

  3. Always report the task’s progress. The thing that you need to remember is it’s not only you that under your boss’ supervision. He has several other staffs at the same level with you. So he has quite a lot in his hands, not to mention any other tasks he handles that you might not now. He might be unaware of one or two issues. Thus it is vital for you always to give reports on your assignment. If you are given a task, make sure he knows the progress. If anything comes up, and you need help or a back up from him, he will for sure give you supports. In case you need a push for a higher level boss, he will do it right away. In case you need shelter from your mistakes, he’ll back you up because he already knows the stories behind it. Now, imagine if you just go along the way by yourself without he knows a single, startup, business

  4. Show loyalty. When an issue arises, go to him straight away. Not talk it behind him and make a fuss about it. Once he finds out the issue not directly from you, or worse he finds out that you gossip around about it, it will straight break his trust towards you. You don’t want that, trust me.

  5. Remind him of what to do. Your leader holds responsibilities more than you can imagine. If he gives you several tasks, make sure he keeps track on that. It’s only natural if several programs are slipping through his hands. Because he has too many things on one plate. So, if needed, remind him to do the actions that need to be taken care of by his level to speed up the process. That way you both you and him can achieve your division’s program successfully. Yippieee! ;D

  6. Admit mistakes right away. Before he reveals from other people that might fabricate your mistakes, or before he finds out that you hide your mistakes from him, make sure you admit right away. Ask for apologies and advice of what to do next. Bear in mind that making a mistake is not a crime, hiding one is. teddy, teddy bear, association

  7. Give your boss the ownership. This principle is actually what my boss taught me. To have your superior in control is very important he said. He expressed this to me right after he had an intense meeting with his superiors. He admitted that he might’ve slipped several things to be updated, and it got him kinda a lil bit screwed. Then he reminded me about this. Because your and your colleague’s jobs combined in one, is to support your boss’ primary goals. Thus it is very crucial for him to have the ownership of all things you do. Don’t worry about the credit, though, if you do your tasks just as he will, he’ll acknowledge it. If your boss is a good leader, he will appreciate very much the efforts you’ve taken.

Well, if you find it quite hard to implement my tips above because you are a newbie in the office and you haven’t been feeling very comfortable yet, please read my writing about How to Survive at Work for Newbie before you master all of the 7 tips.

Finally, from all those tips, which actions you have taken to earn your boss’ trust? Or you indeed have taken them all; even you have some unmentioned tips that work more efficiently? If so, please do share with us! We’d like to hear them!

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