How to Survive at Work for Newbie

7 Tricks to survive and faster adaptation to a new work environment.

It feels so good to finally back at writing again! I have been pretty occupied lately for work and personal life. So I missed all the fun to write while actually, I have a lot to share about! This time, I would like to give some tricks on how to survive at work for a newbie. Please note that newbie here can mean two things. First, for freshly graduated who just started to work, and the second is for anyone who just moved work to a new place. This writing is inspired by my very dear friend who just recently moved to her new job and she had a lot to endure with the new environment.

Having a new workplace, especially if you’re new to the industry, will require an enormous amount of effort even sacrifices to survive. For me, I’ve been working with my current company for more than two years. I’m not saying that I’m already an expert in the industry, I still have some struggle to continue (a lot actually), but please let me share some tricks that had set me away from unnecessary conflict as a newbie in my early days. Check them out! 😉

  1. Introduce yourself to as many colleagues as you can. To be recognized is the most important thing for a newcomer. Especially in the office, you will have to work with other people, within or across your division. So if possible, on every occasion that there is a chance for you to introduce yourself to a new person, do it.

  2. Remember names. This is strictly important. Especially when the new workplace consists of the various age of people. The effect of the otherwise is not only you might get some people insulted by forgetting their names but also will slow you down in getting your work done by not addressing the right person in charge. But I know we’re human. I forgot names a lot. And it doomed me. In case this happens to you, ask for their names to the other colleagues that you trust.

  3. Be Super Nice. A good impression is pretty much everything that you must conquer. It may be uncomfortable, to be kind all the time is tiring for sure. But you need to win the hearts. So you can be trusted. Once you’ve earned it, once people get to know the real you the rest will be just understandable (your mistakes, your mood swing, even your anger). At the beginning just do every little thing that you can to get the work done.

    Be proactive and helpful. That way when your colleagues or even the bosses need help, you’re the one that they’re looking for. If so happens, you’re already on the right track. Also, be patient all the time. You might meet some of the non-cooperative coworkers, but you must hold your anger and don’t let it dominate you. Because it will screw you. Here’s some tips on How to Deal with Non-Cooperative Coworkers .

  4. Seek friends, not enemies. You just started and hated someone already? Oh, girl, this is not high school anymore. Throw your feelings far far away into the deep ocean at the Black Sea and never return. Never, and I say once again, never involve your drama in the work environment. It’ll get you just nowhere. 😊 Seek friends instead. Friends are fun. They lift you up when you’re down; they make you happy.

  5. Hold your ambition. Ambition is good. It means you have some clear vision in your mind for your future career. It means you want to be productive all the time because you’ve set your goal. It keeps you fired up in work. But ambitious is not. Not good. It sometimes drives you to a negative perspective and improper endeavor. Especially if you show it when you’re still a newbie. Harder path in front of you awaits then, I guess.

  6. Be happy all the time. If you get bored, disappointed, or even demotivated, doesn’t mean you have to get out from the circumstances. You’re not a Tiramisu; you are a human being, not a soft sweet cake. It’s only natural for a human to endure such things. Be strong! If you happen to experience such things you have to lift yourself up. Seek happiness. Because happiness is like a restart button before you start all over again with the new fresh energy. Whenever you’re feeling “tired,” seek happiness from wherever it may come from. From your friends, boyfriend, family, hobby or whatever. Seek yours like I always do with mine. In case you’re running out of idea on how to be happy all the time in the office, you can check my article here on Tips to Keep You Happy at the Office .

  7. Go easy on negative gossips about you. This is something you can’t control. No matter how hard you try to be nice and helpful in the office, there will always something bad from you to be talked about from the other’s perspective (not to mention being labeled as Fake Face). Ignore them. Oh, they just want to see you fall really. Don’t hate, love them instead. They secretly make you famous. LOL

Finally whether you’re a fresh graduate or a newly moved experienced, basically we are all newbie at the workplace, and we will always have something new to learn and most importantly we must know how to survive. So, let’s survive together ladies! I Hope you find this article amusing and useful. If so, please share with the other struggling ladies out there by clicking the share buttons provided! 😄

Ikra Loveni

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