How to Make a Quick Decision While Under Pressure

Tricks for your quick and right decision!

Get prepared, that’s the only thing I will say here to let you know on how to make a quick decision while under pressure.

If you happened to ever read about decision making, you will understand if claim that getting prepared is the only thing you can do when you need to decide on something under pressuring circumstances.

Correct! I’m referring to one’s ability to decide in split seconds. And it can be done only when one has enough skill to do so. And of course skill always comes with preparation and experience!

Life is just a repeat carousel. One day you will get through something, and pass it in the end. But then you will face the similar circumstances again in the future. Repeated. Just like carousel. The important thing is that even though you encounter the same pressure several times in your life, you’ll surely take different path in facing them. Because you’ve learned from your experience and you’ve prepared for the best way to get away from those repeated scenarios. That’s the way you master yourself.

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Just like carousel.

The thing is mostly we are not aware that we have encountered similar things in the past, or it’s just simply the first time we have this certain kind of pressure. If so then, how to make quick decision under pressure? Well, Here let me elaborate what kind of skill you need to develop from time to time in order to prepare yourself for a better quick decision maker under the pressuring circumstances.

  1. Quick analysis on strength and weakness in each options that you must consider.
    Most of the time, we are cornered to decide on something quickly between two or more urgent things. Do the instant analysis. Observe the strength and weakness of each options, acknowledge and learn your position before start deciding. That way you will see the situation clearer and not being subjective with your judgement while you’re under pressure.

  2. Assess the impact of your decision.
    Once you understand about your position and situation from every corner of thoughts, assess the impact of your decision. What will happen if you choose A instead of B and so on. Will the option A brings domino effects? If yes, acknowledge all of them and prepare the mitigation. Do it fast! If it is the only eligible thing to do, then go for it without doubt, even though there are risks involved. 

  3. Don’t afraid to take the risk if necessary. Continuing earlier point, whenever you are absolutely certain about your decision, regardless every risks that it may cause, then be it, screw it and let God take the rest. Relax and lean back! You have analyzed every detail including the loss, benefit and the impacts. Then there you came with your conclusion. So be it.

  4. Always bear in mind your priority.
    If doubts get in the way of your decision making process, always remember your priority. Sometimes we get stressed and confused over something that we already know the answer is but still ignoring it. A lot of reasons can turn you upside down. But if you’re very solid with your priority, it’s not so hard anymore to choose steamed chicken and veggies over beef burger for lunch today. LOL

  5. Ask for opinion.
    Last thing to do if you’re still not confident about your decision. Go ask for the opinion from the people that you really trust. Not that just passing by office mate which you only have one word to say in the entire day: good morning! (that was even two words!). It is important that you consult with a person that you both have gained trust between each other. That way they wouldn’t take chance to get you down with the poisoning suggestion. Remember, office mate can be very dangerous.

    banner, yes, noYou better decide now! Quickly!

  6. Keep calm and stay relax. Laugh on it if you have to.
    Oh yeah, let the fun take place. Don’t be too serious. You might not getting good sleep tonight. And it will impact your decision making process. Laugh those disputes you have. Let it be your laughter resources while it can. Or if you can’t, find something else to set you on with smile and laugh. Thus you can balance your intense shoulder for a moment before digging deeper into your problems again.

So, chin up now and get all those things decided! 🙂

Ikra Loveni

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