To a Better Brand New You By Personalizing Your Health Program!

Have you ever experienced such depression towards your diet and exercise progress? You have tried every possible diet method, you have sacrificed your breakfast for only oatmeal and milk, you have disciplined your uncontrollable dinner into just only veggies, not to mention all of those times you have maximized to do various kind of sports that you can think of, but still not seeing any significant result? Well, I have been there.

Turned out human body profile is unique, it is not one size fits all. We have our own Epigenetic profile. Different type of body profile has different responds towards certain kind of food and exercise. You are different to anyone else. Thus, your body will speak unequally compared to others

You see that your office mate has been doing the same Yoga class with you for 3 times a week, she progressed terrifically while you hadn’t been going anywhere.  Now you know the reasons behind it. Because you are not the same with your friend or anybody else.

“Then, how can I know about my body profile?”

Don’t worry though, I’ve been asking the same question until one day a friend introduced me to this amazing app named Ph360. Take a look at this 2 minutes video to understand better about the general idea of how personalization is an important element to improve your health.

This feature has been very helpful to me since the first time I utilized it. It’s function is like a revolution, I feel the urgency to share it in my blog in case someone in “needs” like me has come to a dead end like I did.

Here I will elaborate about my personal experience with Ph36o. I have been using it for almost two months and trust me when I say I have achieved terrific results from it.

So, as I have mentioned earlier, every human has their own different body profile. Ph360 provides you your personalized smart health program. It is an online platform which comes handy on your phone that delivers various recommendations about you and your body profile. It gives you suggestions for your mental and physical health, the food you eat, your social life and career, and the environment in which you live.

The way it works is very simple, yet very accurate. As the first steps you will be asked to measure some of details from your body profile, such as your height, weight, body mass index and etc. Ph360 will then create your Personal Health Assessment based on it and it will reveal a huge amount of information about your health, both on the inside and on the outside.

Ph360 will use your Personal Health Assessment and measurements to give you information in six categories: mind, food, fitness, place, career and social. It will offer insights about your mindfulness, diet, exercise, environment, career, and social interactions that reflect your body profile and your distinct needs. Your input about your unique body profile will be assessed by Ph360 to project hormone and neurotransmitter activity. It then can provide information about how this may influence your diet, activity, mind and lifestyle interactions. By extension this will also allow to offer you insight into the best foods, activity, and lifestyle for you at a given point in time.

physiotherapy, weight training, dumbbell
Image from Pixabay via stevepb

If you optimize the use of Ph360 in daily routine, you will get comprehensive report about your progress and it will adjust with your improvement. As you make progress towards your goals, Ph360 works dynamically to reward your achievements and encourage new benchmarks. Since it’s personalized with your own body profile, you’re going to have a clear track record about yourself. By following your individualized lifestyle options, you will soon find those things that were once very difficult for you become easier and you will acknowledge what works with you, rather than against you and your profile.

Finally, whether you want to lose or gain weights or just simply want to make a huge improvement to your health, Ph360 is totally worth it. No matter what kind of lifestyle goals that you pursue, believe me this application has made significant upgrade to my well-being. My cardio exercise gets even more efficient and effective and my choice of food becomes wiser, thus impacting my wellness and of course my happiness!

Dare to be a better brand new you? Here you can download the Ph360 and start developing your own personalized health program! Be prepared for the new fascinating you!

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Ikra Loveni