7 Reasons Why You Should Start Doing Cardio Today!

Cardio, short for cardiovascular, or commonly known as aerobic exercise, is any exercise or movement that triggers high speed heart rate that can increase blood circulation throughout the body. This process will bring in a huge amount oxygen and will improve a lot of function inside your body.

I am addicted to cardio exercise. Running, aerobic, body combat or any other kind of cardio sports you name it, they are like tranquilizer to me, except they’re making me healthier with many beneficial side effects. 

Not only to my body health but also for the outer performance. Talking about brighter skin and greater confidence, they are just the small effects of doing cardio.

I usually do cardio exercise three times a week. I normally do it like this in the gym :

  1. Monday : Run 20 minutes, Zumba or Aerobic for 1 hour, 20 minutes self-body exercise (plank, sit up, back up and squat)
  2. Wednesday : Run 20 minutes, 1 hour body combat, 20 minutes self-body-exercise.
  3. Friday or Sunday : Run 30 to 45 minutes, 30 minutes self-body-exercise.

Just by writing this I miss my run already. Here are some reasons for you to start doing cardio exercise too!

  • Improving heart health and metabolism. During cardio activity your heart will beat faster because of the very intense of breathe. This will bring in a huge amount of oxygen into your blood, which will improve and maximize your heart work. Because your heart is just like any other muscles in your body, it needs to be exercised to make it work better and keep in shape. Fail to do so, it can cost you a lot of negative heart diseases. Furthermore, along with speeding up the heart rate, cardio exercise can also increase the performance of various other processes in the body, especially to your metabolism. The side effect? A lighter body and loss weight if you do it right and regularly.

  • Reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. I’m not sure how to explain about this scientifically, but to my experience, every time I finish workout I’ll feel happier and somehow full of joy. My boyfriend would notice it even only just through the phone. “Did you just run?” he asked judging from my cheerful voice. Whenever I get upset, stressed, nervous or depressed, cardio is my short and sweet escape. Cardio promotes relaxation, it’s safe to say that I am addicted to it. And you should too.

  • More energy and better sleep. When you do cardio exercise, you force your body to exert excess energy and hormones. Along with the stress release, cardio exercise can also improve your sleeping habit. I am the type of an overthinking person, when I get in trouble I will overthink about it deeply late at night. Therefore, sleeping problem is one of the issue in my life. By doing cardio exercise, you will feel extremely relaxed and it’s irresistible to ignore those needy sleepy eyes. Be ready for the super refreshed version of yours in the next morning.

  • Better body posture. Whether you do aerobic, zumba, body combat or even just 30 minutes run, your bone structure will adjust for a better shape. If you have slightly humped back, running regularly will straighten your back bone and you will have those steady firm back, back in track!

  • More radiant and clearer skin face. My first intention of doing cardio exercise was about to lose fat around my belly, because I was planning to go to the beach and I had to look awesome in my swimsuit. LOL. But it turned out becoming a good habit for me. I was surprised that is not only loosing fat that I have gained from cardio exercise, but my face definitely has gotten brighter and clearer. The blackheads seem to fade away and the acnes won’t ever stay long again!

  • Weight loss. I lost 5 kilos in 4 months without having so much restriction to my eating habit. I don’t do diet. I just do cardio and eat oatmeal in the morning. The rest meal of the day I do it like normally I would. I am a big fan of delicious food, so there’s no way for me to constraint myself around good food. Thus I focus myself in doing the cardio. I lost weights and still can enjoy my eating hobby.

  • Greater confidence! Oh this? I don’t think I need to elaborate more. Try for yourself and have a great one in the end!

Good luck with your cardio exercise! Find one kind of exercise which suitable for you and do it regularly! Be discipline about it and let the others WOW-ed! 😉

Ikra Loveni

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