Tips to Keep You Happy at The Office

The office is the place where you spend most of your time in a day. If we have 24 hours a day and 7 hours is spent for sleep, we then have only 17 hours left. Common working hours usually requires us to work 9 hours in the office. Not to mention any overtime work, a lot of people can even spend 12 hours or more to serve the company. Can you imagine now how the office dominates most of the time in your life?

With that being said, it is vital for you to always be happy at the office. No matter what kind of challenges you may face to get through the day. Choked  by deadline and target, non-cooperative coworker, unexpected result of your hard work, misunderstanding with boss and any other bad scenarios that might happen in the office. Let’s be prepared to avoid them and always be happy. Here are some tips that usually works for me.

Check them out:

  • Wear comfy outfit that makes you look standout. Comfy outfit is a must. But most importantly it has also at the same time make a statement of yourself. It doesn’t have to be a fancy dress or anything near that. Just an outfit that is comfortable and can boost your confidence while wearing it. Don’t forget the heels and make ups! And also Lipstick is a huge deal! They are vital because whenever you get in troubles and affecting your mood, but you dress and look fabulously, you will stare at the mirror and say “Oh screw it I’m awesome!”. 

  • Try to avoid negative discussion. Negative talks sometimes will bring negativity immersed in you. Without you realizing it, talking about negative topics repeatedly will also sink the negativity in your brain. Especially if it has become a habit of yourself. Your point of view will be shifted, and you will judge every little things from the negativity side rather than becoming neutral about it. This habit develops by time. If you keep feeding yourself with negative talks and thoughts, believe me no one will be harmed but yourself. It will drag you down and steer the positivism and happiness far away from you. Let’s just talk about something fun and funny! But still be serious about it. 😉

  • Share stories with your best friend. In the middle of the day, when you get very bored of doing all those analysis and reports, try bothering your best friends via chat messenger. It doesn’t need to be a long conversation, just something that pops up in your mind. I usually do it like this: sending my friend video of me talking nonsense with all the stupid emoticons. Most of the times they will reply with stupider response that can make you giggle or even laugh to death if you were too stressed out with your work. Spoiler alert: do it only with your very best friend, not with that colleague whom you just met in the ATM while queue to withdraw money. I believe you don’t want to mess with your reputation. Another way of doing it is asking how your friends are doing with their job and set up for a lunch together. Then you can talk, share, and laugh more during the one hour lunch session.

  • Spare 30 minutes for your hobby. Or more. This is important. A person without hobby is like an empty shell. It’s like they don’t know how to have fun or where to spend their money. LOL. Spare half an hour a day for your hobby in the office won’t hurt anyone. Your brain will desperately need it for the refreshments. So what’s your hobby? For me it’s reading and writing. I usually bring book to the office, just a light novel will do for me or if I am running out of good books, I will just browse the internet and reading random stuffs. Or else sometimes I will make a draft of my blog. These 2 activities has saved a lot of me before my brain gets too worn out. Find one of yours, it can be anything! Shopping online, designing things (like my friend did with his apartment), painting and coloring (this exists in my office, his creation on hijab’s painting even got sold out crazy), or everything else. Hobbies release stress and enrich your perspective.

     Once you get refreshed from it you can start to calculate all those cost & revenue analysis all over again.

  • Call your loved ones whenever you get into trouble. Whenever you are in trouble, try to communicate what you feel right away to the person you trust. If it is your boyfriend, call right at the moment. Ask for his opinion and help to broaden the view of the problems. Because when you’re panic you will be too focus on the trouble and lose sights of the way out. You need other’s opinion on it so you won’t decide anything beyond your unconsciousness which you will regret later. By sharing it to the person you trust, even though perhaps you will not always get the resolution instantly, but at least having someone listened to your story carefully can lift up your burden. That way you will have clearer vision to settle your problems.

So, tomorrow is Monday. Let’s have fun at the office and be happy all the time! Please share with us if you have your own method to keep yourself happy at the office! 🙂

Ikra Loveni

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