Why You Should Travel With Your Bestfriend

Have you ever travelled with your bestfriend? If you haven’t, you must. Travel and bestfriend are two awesome words. If you combine them into one, it will be unimaginably perfect. Travel with your bestfriend will reward you and your bestfriend a never ending story and jokes to be told. Even though in a few years in the future you will live your separate way (oh this is very sad), but the memory will lasts, and there will always reason for you to laugh with each other, just like the old times. Your story will be

your pride story to your children or even grandchildren.

So from my experience, having done quite several journey with my bestfriends, here are some reasons of why you should do it as soon as possible with your yours:

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  1. You have that same idea of having fun. Bestfriend usually have the same way of thinking. That’s what make them close. And in some way without them realizing it they like to mirror each other. In whatever aspects, maybe their looks, their opinion, even their talking or laughing styles. That even makes them like having “the same brain”. Since you have the same way of thinking, your idea of having fun is also equal. Of course traveling is having fun. And it will be a lot easier and more fun if you do it with your other half brain. Without a lot of negotiations of where to go or what to do, you will just go along the way where your hearts bring. It’s fun already because you’re with your bestfriend!

  2. You (also) have that same idea of having the hard times. Since you have the same idea of having fun, you’re most likely have the same idea of having the hard times as well. When traveling, this happens a lot. Got lost, ran out of money, exhausted to death and other bad stuff will be inevitable. But the same brain will cope just easily, and no harm or hurt feelings affected 😊. Let me give you an example of my old bad habit. I tend to have high tension or easily got upset and crancky if I am hungry, it’s a very hard time for me. Yeah it is. But thank god all of my bestfriends can understand and accept me for that 😊. Despite of attacking my jerk habit, they’ll straightly offer me to find a place to eat. Having my stomach full, without me realizing it, I will just get back to the standard setting of me and be happy again.

  3.  You understand each other flaw. Even though you’re most likely have the same way of thinking or the same habit. But still you have different personality. But again, since you’re close, you are used to each other and you’ve mastered your bestfriend’s flaw. So, once one raises, you’ll know what to do. My flaw? Of course my hunger 😂. Another example, if you have a bestfriend of never-say-no-even though-they-don’t-want-it-personality, you will in a glance aware of it. You will read like “oh she doesn’t want it” or “she said let’s go there but her eyes looks like a 13 yo girl who just got home from her first clubbing experience, I’m just gonna let her sleep then, right she turned out snoring”, you will know it straight away. This small things doesn’t seem like very vital, but when you’re traveling with your bestfriend and if you have understood each other flaw, you will easily tolerate to each other thus make your journey more enjoyable.

  4. You practically can laugh your asses off at literally everything. Got lost, loosing the maps, bringing enormous suitcases all over the subway station, seeing people on the street, throwing the same old rusty jokes, until imagining something up that only can you and your bestfriend understand (like having your stupid cafe together and naming it with idiot name), are something beyond priceless. This is the key of all. Travel and laugh. The formula is nonexchangeable.

    Enjoy and treasure it. Whenever you’re alone and in bad situations, remembering those old days will make you giggle, or at least scratches those happy smile.

  5. Perfect moment to even get closer to each other. Or even get you separated. Beware!
    This is the tricky part of traveling with your bestfriend. You will live for days with them from you open your eyes until you close them.  You will see their brightest smile ever yet you will also experience their highest bad mood when they get very tired. You will face the best and the worst of your bestfriend’s personality when you travel together. If your bonding is strong, you will get even more harmonious to each other afterwards. Because you will tolerate and understand more. But, if no and you’re too selfish to yourself, you will just grow hatred to each other. Of course you don’t want that to happen. Well, if that did happen, maybe you’re not bestfriend after all. I suggest you to choose better for your next travel companion. 😀

In the end all that matter is not the destination, but the companion. If you have friend that have that same kind of stupid brain as you, or the so called bestfriend and haven’t done any traveling together, what are you waiting for? Book your flights and arrange them now! You will never regret it. Instead it will be the unforgettable tale to be treasured.

Ikra Loveni

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