Review : YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush, Rogue Libertine No.6

Recently, I’ve been falling in love with this YSL Baby Doll, Rogue Libertine No.6 lips and cheek cosmetics. I bought this in duty free in Singapore Changi Airport casually without any intention or curiosity from this product. I just spent my time around while waiting for boarding and thought, “oh this could be nice on me”. I bought it and I love it! I suddenly felt the urgency to review it on my blog. 😄

Here are 4 reasons why I love it so much:

  1. Bright red color. From the color perspective, on me which has a slight brown tanned skin color, it gives a very bright and fresh looks to my face. For a girl that has skin color like me, red lipstick can be very tricky. 

    . If the color doesn’t fit, it will make my face looks dull and dark. But this product, is another thing. It synchronous just perfectly on me.

  2. Soft and Matte looks. As honest as the product promotes; Soft Matte Colour, it actually is very soft when applied on lips. It feels like it has oil in it, but magically it doesn’t give any shiny looks. It sticks as matte. It produces professional red looks on your lips. Sets you ready to start those unfinished business meeting!

  3. Moist on lips. As I stated above, the material is so soft, thus it won’t harm your lips. Instead it is very moist and light. After several hours of wearing it, it wouldn’t make your lips dry. It constantly gives healthy looks.

  4. Last longer. The most crucial effect of a lip product that I can think of is, how it stays long on the lips. Even after I drink and eat a lot of things. This product will just glued there on your lips (bear in mind that these depends on your drinking and eating method). So, as long as you can drink coffee neatly from your lips, and you don’t eat any effort-full food to eat (such as oxtail, satay, etc) for your lunch. Your lips will be saved for the rest of your prospectus agreement meeting! 😊

Another thing that should be highlighted from this product is, by the end of the day when you’re already home all tired and all, this product is a piece off cake thing to be cleaned out from your lips. A once or twice swipe from a light toner will remove it purely. Oh how I love it!

Ikra Loveni

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