Tips for a Low Budget Traveler

Feeling tired and want to go for some short vacation abroad? Oh don’t worry. Just go. Don’t think about it too much. There are a lot of possibilities to make it happen.

  • Worry about the airplane tickets? Oh just don’t. Nowadays you can find easily a lot of ticket promo. Preferably you can search for one in a low holiday season period. The tickets will be very cheap during that moment. Research in advance which is the low season for your destination country. Because each country has their own low season period.
  • Still not finding one? Oh just don’t give up. As you may aware there is this magical tool named credit card. You can always use and make an installment out of it 😆. For you youngster, don’t think it too long. Loans used for travel is highly suggested. We’re still young though. But just don’t lose yourself in it. 😊

Once you’re settled with the date and the tickets. Here are some tips to make a low budget plan travel:

  1. Plan in detail all your day to day expense. Create the list of your itinerary everyday. Count every expense that might cost you there. Starting from the transportation between each attraction site that you would like to visit (MRT, Train, buses), the entrance fee, and the meals. Research them thoroughly and note how much they will cost you. Sum them to the amount of your daily expense starting from D-1 until you go back home. Prepare money for that amount.

  2. Try to find the tourist access package. In some countries, there are access card which allows tourist to have unlimited access to the transportation and some attraction sites for several consecutive days. Google will be very helpful on this one. If your destination country has one, it will save a lot of your budget. Here’s an example: Osaka Amazing Pass will cost you only 3000¥ for unlimited access of MTR, Trains, Buses and several main tourist attractions in Osaka for 3 days. It was such a huge budget cut for me.

  3. Go for free entrance attractions. If you’re on a really tight budget, choose the sites or the attractions that is free from the fee entrance. There are a lot of must visit places that doesn’t require you to pay to visit them. Most of them usually involves nature, such as parks, mountains, waterfalls, or you can just stroll around the city and got lost.

  4. Book your stay in AirBnB or Couchsurfing. AirBnB is a great choice for budget travelers. They provide clean, comfy, safe and feels like home stay. Before you make your booking, search them one by one in details. Note what they provide, see the pictures, and google the locations from the maps. Then pick one of your best choice. Couchsurfing is a great options too. I haven’t been on any experience with it though, but a lot of my friends have and they said it was a great helpful for them.

  5. Bring foods from home. One of the alternative to tighten the budget is from meals. Bring some foods from home. Either instant foods, dried dish, snacks or cereal. If you stay at AirBnB, you can use the kitchen to cook breakfast. That way you will save money from breakfast. At noon or lunch time when you’re wandering, eat snacks. Like an oat snacks or snickers. That will enough for your stomach to continue the trip. Then around 3 or 4pm you can have your big and fancy meals and feel the signature dish experience from the local. This is the only meal cost that you need to note. Afterwards if you get hungry again at nights, you can just buy light foods from 7/11 or Lawson nearby. Because you will no longer need a full meal since you ate in the early evening. If you’re still feeling hungry, just cook your instant noodles at the stay. 😀

  6. Never use your money for shopping until the very last day of your travel. This point is usually the thing that people ignore. Feeling the difference surrounding make you an easy spender. Seeing those cute accessories, you’ll have the urge to buy. Seeing those delicious snacks, you’ll feel the need to buy gift for your loved ones at home. Don’t do this! Many travelers spend a lot of their money on that stuff in the early days of the travel. That’s okay if you go in a well saved money circumstances. But since these are for the low budget, I discourage it to you. But then again, having said that you’re a low budget traveler, doesn’t mean that you can’t give gifts for friends and family when you’re going back home. Shop for it in the very last day. With that you can shop wisely and manageable.

So, what are you waiting for? Here I’m planning my next budget trip. I’m thinking about Norway. How about you?

Ikra Loveni

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