5 things You Did Wrong with the Treadmill Machine

If you’re currently in a routine mode on exercising with treadmill machine but still not seeing any maximal results, you may have done it improperly. I am a runner myself. I prefer run in the gym with treadmill machine to run in field tracks (since there aren’t a lot of nice jogging track nearby my home). So, from what I observe from other runner while I run (in treadmill machine of course) I at least found 5 things that most (seasonal) runner may have done it wrong thus affect the final results.

  1. Run while watching TVs. Most of the gym have a lot of TVs in the studio. And not rarely it is located above the mirror in front of the treadmill machines. Run while  looking up to the TVs will not only lessen your concentration to the run but also will burden your body. It will divide your concentration between the TV program and the run. No good for the run, you may get injured. You need a straight posture while running. And the upturn will screw your body balance.
  2. Chatter. Mostly people got bored easily while running. And a lot of people do run together with friends or boyfriends, whether in the gym or at parks. What I trying to tell you here, it is fun indeed. Hanging out with friends or your lover while running, but believe me it will be more effective if you do it separately. Don’t do run and chat at the same time. It will consume you more energy for the talks rather than for the run, thus you will get tired easily not long after.
  3. Bend down while running. Seriously why lots of people do this? Bend and look down to their shoes while running. Trust me it will make your head dizzy. Just stand straight, look up front straight and focus on the run, and maintain the move of your shoulder . Look at the mirror instead to control your breathing.
  4. Gushing speed. Fast speed will indeed burn more calories, but the more important thing actually is the phase. Many of the runner I observed start their run with fast speed and just after several minutes they got exhausted, out of breath then stopped. Bear in mind that it’s the routine that will lose the weight effectively not the once or twice in a week very fast run. You don’t need to rush it. Keep the phase stable and under your control and the results will be optimum without causing you any side effects of over training.
  5. Uncontrolled breathing. If you’re into the serious run. One thing that you need to remember is your breathing phase. Whether you want to run slow, average or fast. Keep your breath in phase with your steps. A little tips from me, how I usually do it is like this: When I run in average speed I will inhale 4 counts breath in rhyme with 4 run steps and exhale 4 as well. And when I run fast, I will take in 3 counts breath in rhyme with 3 run steps and also breath out 3 for the exhale.

I am not saying that I am an expert in here, but those 5 things were also my mistakes when doing it in the beginning. And after doing it for months, I spotted other people doing it like that, and realized it’s better if they can improve it. Because I know that it’s not comfortable doing it like that.

So, do you have your own version of mistakes while running?

Ikra Loveni

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