5 Tricks to Pass a Job Interview

Three days ago, I met my friend in my office who was having a job interview in another department in the company. So she contacted me to just say hi and have a little chit chat, since we haven’t seen each other for a while. That day she had a pscyho test and if she passed, she will be contacted for an interview.

Having chit chatted with her, I got flashed back to almost 2 years ago when I myself was a job seeker warrior. It was indeed such a dark times for me. I chased and applied for different kind of job. And I was idle for a year until I got into my office today. It was a heavy burden indeed.

Many people have their own lacks in the process of recruitment. Since you have to pass several tests to get accepted, then you have to master all the process to get you smoothly there, to the offering and agreement signed. There are a lot obstacles for different kind of people. There are some people who have difficulties in doing the presentation, not confidence in the interview session, or lack of courage in competing with other recruits in the middle of the discussion group.

For me, I found difficulties in the paper tests (which usually always comes first 😂). Furthermore if the paper tests involving the mathematics, graphics, pies analytics and etc (since I had background in social department). So yeah I failed a lot in the paper tests. Lol. But other than that, I have confidence for the rest of them. 😊

From all the process that a recruits should go through. I think the test that a recruit should be really careful is the interview test. Because this is the only test that (in my opinion) is assessed subjectively from the interviewer. Well it’s kinda like and dislike assessment. And every interviewer, even though they have standard assessment for the interview, but their eye can tell different from the other interviewer’s eyes. So you must give your best of best in order to set the interviewer’s eyes on you.

Well, here are some tips that might be able for your consideration in having the future interview. These are tips from my experience and from my friend who is an executive in the HR Department.

1.Talk clearly.

From the beginning. Take a deep breath. Introduce yourself clearly. Try not to talk fast, slow and sure is better instead. Don’t rush it just relax. Imagine you’re talking to your buddy.

2. Be confident. Look at the eyes of the interviewer.

Talk confidently. Don’t be shy, and try to not give an afraid impression. Look at the eyes of the interviewer while talking. It will boost your confidence. Don’t worry if the interviewer doesn’t look at you back. Just stay relay and in pace.

3. Answer the questions comprehensively.

Once you finish with your introduction. The interviewer will start to ask some questions. Bear in mind that not only you have to answer the questions, but you also have to answer it comprehensively. For example, you can relate it with your experience. So don’t just answer what is questioned, be correlative.  Let the interviewer knows that you’re excited and knowledgeable. But don’t do it too much.

4. Choose and wear your best suits.

Pick your best attire, that’s the key. If you’re the kind of people who doesn’t give much thinking about look, do consult to other people. Consult to your friend, family, colleagues or whoever. You need to be in shape and look professional. It will show the interviewer how serious you are to be in their team. Never go for an effortless interview.

5. For you ladies, make up, hair do and heels are important elements.

Lastly for you ladies. Make up is a must. Not only it will give you professional look, but it will improve your expression. It will give you fresh look and definitely will boost tour confidence. Hair do is also an essential things. Blow it, hot iron it or just tie it back if you don’t have time. Your hair must look neat. Last thing is a pair of high heels. For me, this is more than just crucial. Because high heels will improve your body posture thus you can walk straight confidently and the right shoes will give you promising look 😆. So never forget to wear heels!

Ikra Loveni

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