Tips for a Low Budget Traveler

Feeling tired and want to go for some short vacation abroad? Oh don’t worry. Just go. Don’t think about it too much. There are a lot of possibilities to make it happen. Worry about the airplane tickets? Oh just don’t. Nowadays you can find easily a lot of ticket promo. Preferably you can search for […]

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5 things You Did Wrong with the Treadmill Machine

If you’re currently in a routine mode on exercising with treadmill machine but still not seeing any maximal results, you may have done it improperly. I am a runner myself. I prefer run in the gym with treadmill machine to run in field tracks (since there aren’t a lot of nice jogging track nearby my […]

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5 Tricks to Pass a Job Interview

Three days ago, I met my friend in my office who was having a job interview in another department in the company. So she contacted me to just say hi and have a little chit chat, since we haven’t seen each other for a while. That day she had a pscyho test and if she […]

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