5 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Hongkong (Again)

Hi there, to start my first post in my very new blog, I would like to share about my last holiday which was in Hong Kong. I spent 5 days and 4 nights there with my mom to spend the new years eve and its ambiance together. Well, all these 5 points are the reasons that you should not miss when in Hong Kong.

1. Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car Experience.

This is a Gondola Lift Experience which was the most attraction that I will not forget about. This cable car system linking between Tung Chung (Tung Chung MTR Station) and Ngong Ping Village (where the Po Lin Monastery and the Tian Tan Buddha are located). The experience of crossing from the way above of the small mountains and the seas upon it are just super thrilling. Since me and my mom, we are afraid of heights, this was a big challenge for us, LOL.  But thank god we survived, event though we bravely took the challenge of riding Crystal Cabin Gondola (the below part of cabin was made of glass) which made it scarier.

2. The Peak, Sky Terrace 428

This is also one of the list that you should add on your itinerary to Hong Kong. This is the so known place of the highest building in the city. So from up there you can see the magnificent Hong Kong clearly. It looks very lovely in the middle of a very bright day, a lot of tall and different colours building combines with the blue sky. It’s just something that you don’t want to not share about with your friends. Not to mention the thrill of reaching there by The Peak Tram which we rode on in almost 90degrees railway. But if you’re traveling with your lover, I guess night view will be very romantic to behold.

3. Star Ferry Pier Tsim Sha Tsui

I spent my last 4 hours in 2015 in here. Nearby the Clock Tower along Salisbury Road. This is one of the most photographed harbour in the world if I might say. In New Years Eve, the place was so crowded with everyone longing for the great fireworks. I had to wait from 9pm to get to the not so bad spot. And it was all worth it! The fireworks is something that made the long waited paid off! I think most of the people waited longer than us since they could have those very front spots. The view of Hong Kong island from upfront is just something that is more than breathtaking at nights.

4. Macau Experience

Macau is also a cool place to visit while you’re in Hong Kong. I went there for a day only, departed in the morning and got back in the evening. There are at least three places that you must visit while you’re in there; The Venetian, Senado Square and The Ruins of St Paul, and lastly The Macau Tower. That’s a wrap for one day trip. But if you have more time, I would suggest you to stay the night there so you can feel the experience of the gambling city at nights.

5. Heavens for the Shoppaholic.

You’re in Hong Kong and going home empty handed? Oh man, such a waste! You should really go there again then. Because it is believed than the tax in Hong Kong (I should recheck about this actually) is the lowest tax of all the world. So you will find a very good bargain even in the super fancy malls. If you would like my opinion of where to buy branded stuff with reasonable price, you must go to Citygate Outlet in Thung Chung (Thung Chung MTR Station). There, you will not only find a high end brand in a good price, but often they also have the newest products on sale. I went crazy and had my 2 credit cards almost reached the limit there! LOL!

Well, that’s all that I can say, Visit Hong Kong and experience yourself! Good Luck! 😉


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